Howlin’ Blues restructured during 2019 and looked to a change in their repertoire towards more popular music.

As a result of this change away from Blues it was necessary to make a  change to our name so as not to mislead.  Thus, with the kind help of the ladies at Hailsham FM  who heard the band playing ‘Groovin’, they suggested the name Howlin’ Grooves which we instantly favoured.

The change came about with the  expected  departure of Dave Dowling who decided to emigrate to France plus the resignation of drummer James Asher. To replace James we were very fortunate to have Terry Mabey join us who was previously with the Southern Blues Kings but also depped with Howlin’ a number of times.  

Also, with the addition of Linda Francis, a professional singer and former actress with many years of singing experience it has enabled us to move more towards Soul, Motown and well known 50’s and 60’s songs and beyond.

This doesn’t mean we want to totally move away from blues but perhaps temporarily whilst we go through this change.